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At Head 2 Toe Wellness Solutions we pride ourselves in giving our clients exceptional healthcare from Head 2 Toe.

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Here at Head 2 Toe, we are passionate about helping you do the things that you love, so you can take control rather than live in pain. We love nothing more than helping you return to the activities you’ve given up on, which bring you happiness or purpose.
If everything else has failed to fix your pain, come and see us, we’d love to help you. Our fully qualified and senior practitioners are experts in assessing and diagnosing your pain, designing personalised treatment plans specific to your needs and getting you relief from pain.

7 Great Reasons to Choose Head 2 Toe Wellness Solutions

  • Rare Team Approach We offer a rare team approach and treat you as a person with unique and individual needs. This means we provide a holistic approach to help you back to health as fast as possible.
  • You Always Get a Solution No patient ever gets a “sorry we can’t help you” response. If required, we inter-refer you to find the best solution in the fastest time. You will NEVER be sent away from us without options for your care.
  • A Clear Plan for You You receive individualised treatment plans which act as your road to recovery map. This includes a biomechanical assessment to treat the cause, not the symptom. We often find the problem you didn’t know existed, which helps you back to health fast.
  • Respectful Communication with Other Professionals We solve health problems, we don’t create them… which means where required we provide clear and regular communication with other medical professionals so get you back to health as rapidly as possible.
  • Patient First Approach Expect care that is strictly patient-centred. We are motivated by care & excellence, not shareholder profits.
  • Empower You to Health Education and empowering you is our passion. We always give clear and expert explanations, so you can learn how to stop issues recurring.
  • Treatments Based on the Latest Research All our team are up to date and earn more Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours than mandated. You can be confident you receive the latest, most up to date care.


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